November 8, 2017


Do you know what’s the worst type of person? One that judges a book by its cover and proceeds to make stupid comments such as, “you’re a bad role model… you are setting a bad example of health… stop trying to promote obesity.” And to that person I say…

I’m healthier than you! You little smart mouth, perfect BMI score, wench!

It’s these ‘internet warriors’ that are chowing down a bag of doritos while leaving nasty and unintelligent comments on every photo of a man/woman/child loving and accepting themselves for who they are.

What inspired me to write this week’s post is that I just came back from a full medical examination that saw my glucose, hormonal and cholesterol levels all in normal range. Just because someone has extra kgs and a rounder body type does not automatically mean that they are the poster child for early death and diabetes.

Some people are overweight due to their lifestyle choices and suffer health issues as a result, and there are also people who have ended up putting on extra weight because of unplanned health issues. But to think that all those that are high on the “scientifically disproven” BMI scale live an unhealthy lifestyle is a stereotype that these people should be ashamed to have accepted into their way of thinking.

Teach your children to be healthy, drink water, eat fruit, run outside rather than play on iPads; to live healthy lives that do not revolve around the numbers on the scales or the clothing size they wear. And most importantly, to not judge those that look different to them.

The work and energy that I put out into the universe is not to slander those of a different or lighter weight than me or justify the extra jiggle around my waist, it is to prove to the world that people come in all shapes and sizes, that health is of the utmost importance and that being “big and healthy” does exist!

Should I go to the gym more? Yes. Should I leave that last slice of pizza? Yes. Should I choose a salad over a burger? Yes. Do people skinnier than me battle with the exact same questions daily? YES.

Those aforementioned comments are what is wrong with society, it makes my blood boil to think people are THAT close-minded and uneducated. But that is why the body positivity and size inclusivity movements exist; spreading a message of acceptance, of one’s self and of others.

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