January 11, 2018



It is sad that in 2018 I haven’t need to write this… that I feel such a sense of disappointment in the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That I shiver at the thought of what the country and its people will resemble in 20 years.

As a blogger and body positivity activist, I spend way too much time on social media… and in the last couple months, I’ve become disgusted in what the Balkan youth consider popular and what influences their way of thinking. All you need to do is open YouTube’s Trending page for Bosnia and Herzegovina and I’m pretty sure you will feel the exact same way as I do.

It is the sight of videos in which young people make jokes at the expense of other ethnicities, “prank” videos in which they belittle the discrimination and emotional rollercoaster that is ‘coming out’, an experience that nearly every homosexual goes through, the use of blackface (something that has been labelled as unacceptable even 30-40 years ago… clearly the Balkans have yet to get the message) in order to make fun of the African, Latino and Asian cultures. Apparently, all of this is in the name of comedy… though, I don’t see any comedy in racism. See, I don’t have a sole problem with those that upload these videos, per se…. yet what has truly disheartened me is that each one of these videos has over 250,000 views!

Of all the things you could possibly watch on YouTube and the unbelievable amount of resources available on the internet that could expand your knowledge of the world and its globalised society, these young people still choose to watch, like, share and support this type of stupidity. It is as if they have never experienced discrimination based on their own ethnicity; it is as if they find it ridiculous to think that we all have the right to believe or not to believe in God, the right to love who we choose the love, the right to all be equal regardless of gender, ethnicity and skin colour. The rest of the world has already begun to change its way of thinking… yet here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the “jokes” in these videos are still applauded. I guess you could say that they are a picture of the society that they live in.

I understand that for many young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina the aim is to leave, but I wonder if they have ever considered that maybe they also hold some blame for the sociopolitical stalemate the country finds itself in! Maybe, just maybe… they aren’t bringing anything change and positivity to society, that they are only repeating the same mistakes, actions and beliefs that send an image of a nation that is going backwards, where the list of taboo topics only grows and where, even after the war, people have yet to realise the dangers of the separating people into ‘us’ and ‘them’.

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